Close Sales at the Office, Not on Showsite

#SmartExpo – The time to sell is not on the exhibit floor, but back in the office. If you are going to invest the time to travel to a tradeshow, send people who are going to help in cultivating meaningful relationships.

The goal when leaving a tradeshow is to establish solid follow-up appointments instead of pushing people to buy while exhibiting. Establish common interests with prospects and listen to their needs. Help them pursue what they need, not what you do.

Spend Wisely on Exhibiting Handouts

#SmartExpo – Spend your money wisely! There will be several exhibitors handing out a variety of free items. Don’t spend money on something that people will end up throwing away or not using, just to have something to hand out while on show site.

If you want to have something to give away, purchase a handout that your prospects will actually use. This will take a little creativity and some pre-meditated brainstorming, however the end result will yield you a higher return on your investment.

Developing a Great Elevator Pitch – Part 2

#SmartExpo – Engage through questions. Ask a question or two to uncover and better understand problems relevant to your prospects. Keep them engaged and involved in the conversation. The more involved they are, the more attention they’ll give you. While engaging with those viewing your product listen to how they’re responding. You could gain insight on how to improve your product through their feedback.

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SmartExpo – Make the Most of Your Time While Exhibiting

While on site, it’s crucial to get the most out of your exhibiting time, so make sure you take advantage of all the seminars, panels, and product displays that the show has to offer.

Consider participating in product showcases or demonstrating your company’s newest innovations to really capture attendees’ and other exhibitors’ attention.

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Attract Your Target Audience with a Press Release

When visiting a new location to exhibit, it is always important to get the word out to other exhibitors and attendees who may not have heard of your company. Start with a well written press release on your website, followed by an outreach through email and social media. Also consider advertising through avenues, such as Facebook, where you can target local area residents, interested in your product. The more you reach out to potential attendees, the greater chance of a traffic increase.

What ways do you use to get the word out about your products and companies?